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Every third Saturday of the month I host the JP Lecture Series. This is a panel show where professional folks from all corners of the Entertainment Industry gather to de-mystify 'hacking the Hollywood hustle'.



"Writing The Simpsons" with Mike Scully, Josh Weinstein and Matt Selman

"Writing Rick and Morty" with Ryan Ridley, Jane Becker, Sarah Carbeiner, Erica Rosbe, Tom Kauffman, and Eric Acosta

• "Breaking into Adult Animation" with FX Network's John Agbaje

• "How You Write So Good? Inside the Creative Process" with Emily Heller (HBO's Barry) and Jenny Jaffe (Nick's new Rugrats reboot)

"Writing Brooklyn Nine-Nine" with David Phillips, Lang Fisher, Carol Kolb, Phil Jackson, Neil Campbell, Madeline Walters, and Paul Welsh

"Writing Conan" with Levi MacDougall, Todd Levin, Jessie Gaskell, Jose Arroyo and Andres Du Bouchet

"How to Pitch" with Alex Hirsch, Andre Hyland and Kara Lee Burke

"Breaking into the Writers Room" with Megan Amram, Vanessa Ramos, Laurie Kilmartin and Haley Mancini

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