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It's Time You Wrote a Pilot in a Week.

Have a script idea that's been kicking around in your head for a while and you just need the push to get it done? Dust off the cobwebs and dive into a first draft with me in this week-long 2-day writing workshop.

What is it?


A 2-part writing workshop that helps students go from Pitch -> Finished Product in 1 week.

How does it work?


Students meet on Day 1 to pitch their ideas to the class "writers room". We'll workshop, and refine your idea so that you feel confident enough to dive in. Then, over the course of a week you'll WRITE the 1st draft of your script (with my guidance along the way). On Day 2 we do marathon read-throughs of your work!

Who is it for?


Writers who have a basic grasp of script-writing (i.e. we won't be going over the basics, this is not a "Pilot 101" class). Writers who have an idea for a half-hour pilot or spec ~or~ writers who want to write the first act of their feature. 

How much does it cost? 


$95 each 

Where does it take place?


On Zoom!



Classes will be maxed at 6 students


Sat, 11/12: 9am-12pm PST

Come to class with the logline of your idea (or IDEAS) you plan to write in a week!


Sun, 11/20: 9am-1:30pm PST

Read your Trash Draft with the class!

One-on-One Sessions!


• Send your pilot the week of our session and I'll read + note it in a PDF I'll send to you before we meet.

• 1 hour zoom notes session where we discuss my notes + rebreak anything that needs rebreaking.

PRICE: $175