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JULIA PRESCOTT is a writer and comedian from North Hollywood, CA. TV writing credits include FOX, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Nick, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Hasbro, BBC Kids and more. She's the creator of the hit Blackpills series Townies lovingly described as "The OC in the Old West" starring Natalie Palamides, John Ennis, and Audrey Whitby. She's a frequent guest on Screen Junkies' "Movie Fights" and has both written and acted in their hit "SJ Roasts" series. She's the host and creator of, "Fucked Up Film Club" on the Snarled channel. She's been performing stand-up since '09 and has been featured in various festivals including CROM Fest in Omaha ('15); Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans ('15 and '16); Cape Fear Comedy Fest in Wilmington, SC ('16) and the Alaska B4 U Die Fest in Anchorage ('19). Together with Allie Goertz, she co-hosts the hit Simpsons podcasts, "Everything's Coming Up Simpsons!" and "Round Springfield" on the Maximum Fun Network and has also co-authored the book, "100 Things Simpsons Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die" published by Triumph Books, available everywhere.

Most recently, Julia wrote the "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons 32nd season, which aired in October 2020.

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